Born into a musical family in Coventry, Chris began playing guitar at the age of eight and piano from the age of nine, and plays most things with fretted strings or keys. Largely self-taught, he’s worked in a variety of musical genres including folk, theatre and early music. He’s a regular musician at Shakespeare’s Globe and was also one of the musicians on BBC’s Poldark, appearing in series 1 and 2.

He also writes and composes, having adapted The Wind in the Willows (2017) for GreenMatthews as well as A Christmas Carol: In Concert (2018). He has also recently released his first solo album Switched-On Playford, which fuses 17th-century dance music with electronica, using a blend of early instruments, synths and loops.

Chris’s Instruments

  • guitar (acoustic, classical and electric)
  • bass guitar
  • mandolin
  • mandocello
  • bouzouki (Greek and Irish tuning)
  • lute (6 course Early Renaissance)
  • Renaissance cittern
  • Baroque guitar
  • piano
  • virginal/harpsichord
  • piano accordion

Working in Europe post-Brexit

Although resident in the UK, Chris is an Irish citizen with the right to full freedom of movement and as such does not require a work permit to work in any EU or EEA country.