Nosferatu (1922) is arguably the film that gave birth to the horror genre. Notable as the first cinematic interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, its combination of expressionistic acting and unforgettable images render it just as powerful and unsettling today as when it first thrilled cinema goers 100 years ago.

Chris Green’s new score was commissioned by English Heritage for a live outdoor screening of the film at Dracula’s spiritual home of Whitby Abbey. The music is a haunting blend of electronic and acoustic instruments performed by the composer and combined with FW Murnau’s iconic images makes for a genuinely remarkable and unique cinematic experience.

2022 live dates

22nd OctoberBORDONPhoenix Theatre
28th OctoberISLE OF WIGHTQuay Theatre
30th OctoberBIRMINGHAMElectric Cinema (TBC)
31st OctoberLIVERPOOLPhilharmonic

A short extract from the film:

An interview with Chris about the composing of the new score: